OpenWheeler Video Game Chair Review (Page 5)

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Video Gaming Chairs

Gliding rails

Another thing which is incorporated into the default package. Once again introduced by OpenWheeler. Not included in other gaming cockpit simulators. Playseat calls for additional money and you must mount it yourself, which really is a very complicated task! It's a DIY thing...
You will find out that the gliding railway plate is quite comfortable! You can glide the seat about 10-15 cm forwards and backwards, making the entry into the home driving simulator seat world a breeze.
OpenWheeler can be fixed quckly for the next car racing simulation game player. As it is, for only several seconds!

Fantastic motility due to push chair-like front wheels

Moving around is easy with OpenWheeler. This is another very clever idea, still quite on target. Not present in any other car driving game cockpit simulator on the market. Rather than raising the entire car driving game seat, all you have to do is lightly lift the back of the gaming chair and move it towards any direction you decide.